Highlight your PerfExpert vs Chassis Dyno comparison

on Monday, 22 June 2015. Posted in Announcements

Send us your comparisons to better convince the most skeptical ones about PerfExpert accuracy

Highlight your PerfExpert vs Chassis Dyno comparison

Most people find it hard to believe that a smartphone application can measure power and torque with an accuracy very close to chassis dynos, without any connection to the car or without any external measuring equipment. They generally think of a hoax, because they cannot imagine the real potential of the modern phones sensors, especially when they are combined with powerful algorithms and calculations. Thus, providing them the proof with "PerfExpert vs Chassis Dyno" comparisons seems to be the solution.

What could be better than seeing this proof brought by other car enthusiasts who tested PerfExpert by themselves?

If you carried out this kind of tests you can contact us to transmit us your results, by sending us the following elements :

  • A copy of the full report of the chassis dyno result, in other words, the result sheets, perfectly readable, scanned or photographed
  • An Image export of PerfExpert measurement curves, and, if possible, with two PerfExpert tests carried out under the same conditions (same road, same direction, same starting point, same day)
  • The links towards your tests on the Web PerfExpert Network
  • And for the fun, if you agree, a beautiful picture of your car, outside and/or on the chassis dyno! :) We will hide the license plates if they appear.

We will gather them in our Google + collection of PerfExpert vs Chassis Dyno comparisons.

Speaking about PerfExpert around you and showing that it is a reliable application when it is correctly used allows us to keep on improving it and creating new features! As a user, you now know how to answer those who ask you about the application's accuracy and reliability compared to chassis dyno's. In fact, this is often the first question people ask when they discover that the PerfExpert application allows them to measure your car engine’s power and torque using only your smartphone!

Here is an comparison example from our collection :

PerfExpert Car Dyno=> Power : 301cv / Torque : 370Nm

Cartec Chassis Dyno => Power : 300.5cv / Torque : 371Nm

Nissan 350Z

Nissan 350Z chassi dyno result

Nissan 350Z PFX result 


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