Provided results

Timed Run Mode

PerfExpert Timed Run mode button

Measurement of acceleration times :

  • 60ft, 1/8mile, 1/4mile
  • 0 to 20Mph, 0 to 40Mph, 0 to 60Mph... by 20Mph steps
  • Max acceleration @ speed
  • Max speed
  • Interactive graph displaying Acceleration & Speed curves over time

Dyno Mode

PerfExpert Dyno mode button

Measurement of engine power and torque (at the flywheel/crank) :

  • Max power @ engine rev
  • Max torque @ engine rev
  • Max acceleration @ engine rev
  • Speed reached at the max engine rev
  • Interactive graph displaying Power & Torque curves over engine rev


  • Three car sheet types : Basic (for timed run), simplified (static losses entered by the user), Advanced (dynamic losses calculated by the application). These details are used as input data for calculate real acceleration, losses, engine rev...
  • Compute corrected power and torque according to the correction norm of your choice (taking into account atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature and air humidity). So you can compare measurements on different days.
  • Possibility of using one of the four power correction standards including : DIN (Europe), SAE (America), JIS (Japan), EEC (Europe) and ISO (International).
  • Automatic detection of the rev limiter for Dyno curves starting from low revs to the red zone, as on chassis dynamometer reports.
  • You can manage as many car as you want and manage different setups for each car. PerfExpert compute results average automatically for each setup of each car!
  • Accelerometer-based, no need to be connected with the car!
  • Use of advanced signal processing for smoother curves without reducing the acquisition frequency, while maintaining a curve as realistic as possible.
  • Curves presented on a full screen interactive graph allowing you to know the exact values ​​at any point with great accuracy.
  • Individual choice of units from a large number : Ch, Hp, Kw, Nm, FtLb, Mkg, Mph, Km/h, m, ft, G, m/s², psi, inHg, mbar, °C, °F
  • Excellent regularity in measures for accurate comparisons.
  • Export reports in Tab Separated Value and PNG format (Only available on Android for now)
  • You can send your reports by mail, social networks or Bluetooth if available on your mobile (Only available on Android for now)

Major advantages over the competition

  • Reliable and realistic calculation of the losses to retrieve the engine power.
  • Signal processing techniques perfectly suited to smartphone for power measurements on road.
  • Real power/rev and torque/rev curves, just like on a chassis dynamometer.
  • Power and torque correction with the standard of your choice.
  • Awesome measurement accuracy, regularity and curves cleanliness.

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