Introducing Dyno Tests Comparison

on Friday, 09 January 2015. Posted in Using PerfExpert

Make comparisons of your test results using the PerfExpert Analysis Tool

You requested it and it's finally there : you can now see several dyno test results overlaid on the same graph. This is very useful when you want to find which of your car's setups produce best performance, as we seen on the Corolla AE82 20V intakes comparison and the Mercedes 190E Turbo sizes comparison. This is possible thanks to our new Analysis Tool by using your mobile or desktop internet browser. This tool is available only for results that are online on the PerfExpert Network.

To compare your results :

1 - Log in to the PerfExpert Network and go to 'My PerfExpert'

If you don't have a PerfExpert Network account, you have to register by using our mobile Dyno & Timed Run app : go to 'Account' in the Test screen menu and follow instructions.

2 - Open the desired car to see its test results

Here, you will only see results that have been uploaded from the mobile app, either by clicking on 'Open web link' on the Result screen of the the mobile app or by sharing via the 'Web' method.


3 - Select the results you want to compare and click the 'Compare' button that appears at the bottom-right of the screen

You can select up to 3 results for comparison. For now, only dyno test results with the same units are comparable.

Results - selection 

4 - See results comparison at each point of the curves


If you have questions or feedbacks, feel free to contact us.


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